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  1. Found this to be very educational. Loved all the advice. I’m 4′ 8″ chubby and have saddle bags.

    1. Hey Andrea! I am glad that it helps !

      Many thanks!

  2. Ok you literally start this by saying you have to hide your hips. I love my hips! And I look slammin in a tight dress. Also not sure why you’d advise short petite women to wear big poofy sleeves, but I can tell you from experience you have to be careful not to overwhelm or you’ll be swimming in your clothes. Maybe a better topic to touch on would be dress length, which is always an issue for me. I’d love some advice on good maxi dresses for short women.

    1. Hi Laura, I am so happy that you stopped by and share your thoughts with me and readers too!

      You have valid points here, but reading about women dealing with their pear-shaped body type experiences, most of them want to hide their hips but not all.

      If you love your hips that is great and there is no issue with that because I think they are not so wide compared to others.

      Regarding the puffed sleeves clothes, they differ in their volume size so I still recommend trying and testing a top or a dress with small puffy sleeves to highlight your shoulders part.

      Finally, as petite women, we can rock maxi dresses without a doubt. You can check my post here to learn more about how to style them, etc.

      Kind regards,

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